Welcome to Fit In 417!

Welcome to the Modern Girls Network redefining fitness in 417-land and beyond.

My name is Pamela Hernandez. You may know me from my Springfield MO-based personal training business, Thrive Personal Fitness, and the blog of the same name. I’m on a new mission: to change the conversation about fitness beyond shape or size.

I want to celebrate food freedom, body respect, body diversity and the women wellness practitioners in Springfield, MO who are leading the revolution. If you want to join me in shifting the paradigm, stay tuned to this space for the launch of the Fit in 417 podcast.

Not sure what body respect means? Does food freedom sound like an oxymoron? Then I want you to join me in a new way of thinking about fitness and health. Subscribe now and send me your questions for future episodes.

If you are a female wellness practitioner looking to join the tribe, email me at pamela@fitin417.com for more information about the Thrive Together business support group.

Until next time…live, love, thrive.