You Can’t Do A Group Fitness Class For All Levels

As a certified personal trainer and health coach, my experience with group fitness is limited. However, I learned one significant thing about doing group fitness when I was in charge of the Go Red For Women Better U program in Springfield, MO.

I learned that you could not do a group fitness class that truly meets all needs and fitness levels. You may disagree but listen to this episode before you tell me why you think I’m wrong. I especially want you to listen to this episode if you are a new personal trainer, yoga teacher or group fitness instructor.

In this final episode of season 1 of Fit in 417, I also bring you another installment of my favorite segment – Tea and A Book! Here’s why you need to check out the first book by life coach, speaker and entrepreneur, Marie Forleo.

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Kitchen Therapy and Living Light

I find that many women of my generation were not taught how to cook. Our parents did the best they could, but cooking didn’t seem like an essential skill in the era of Lean Cuisine and Slim Fast.

This unease in the kitchen is further complicated with the adversarial relationship many women have with food.

How do we solve the problem? Brandy Hickman of Living Light with Brandy Lane and 2BWell says it starts with keeping things simple and trying a little kitchen therapy.

Brandy’s Kitchen Therapy classes are delicious fun and a perfect way to start changing your relationship with the kitchen. If you want to join Brandy for an upcoming Kitchen Therapy class, you register HERE.

If you would rather start in your own kitchen, you can also get her free Create Freedom In Your Life tool kit HERE.

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Do you have what it takes to be a derby girl?

Did you know Springfield has had a women’s flat track roller derby team for over a decade?

This week I talk to aspiring derby girl (woman?), Denise Belt, about learning to be fearless on skates with the help of some of the most badass chicks in town.

She shares her experience watching the Wonder Women on the Springfield Roller Derby team and what drew her in to join their ranks.

Much like this space, all who identify as or with woman are welcome on the Springfield Roller Derby team. Women of all sizes, shapes, colors and identities are welcome. All you need to do is be brave enough to walk in the door and try on a pair of skates.

Think you have what it takes to join the Springfield Roller Derby? Their upcoming Buddy Night for new recruits is on September 10. Click HERE to learn more.

Want to attend their next FREE home bout on September 7? You can get tickets from any member of the team. CLICK HERE to find out more information.

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Just Say NO at the Doctor’s Office

Think of today’s episode as a PSA. You have every right to tell your doctor (or nurse) no when they ask you to step on the scale.

Here’s the NY Times article I referenced in the show:

Why Do Obese Patients Get Worse Care? Most Doctors Don’t See Past The Fat.

If you’re not sure how to push back on weight stigma in the doctor’s office, here are some resources to help you be your own advocate and reframe the conversation

What To Do If Your Doctor Fat Shames You

How To Find A Fat Positive Doctor Who Won’t Just Tell You To Lose Weight

Weight Stigma Kept Me Out Of Doctors’ Offices for Almost a Decade

Plus check out the latest installment of “Love Your Hashtags”!

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