What’s the Modern Girls Network?

I love the term Modern Girls Network. I didn’t think of it, but I embrace it as the alternative to the Old Boys Club. On this episode, I talk about creating a women’s networking group that gets things done and breaking up the Old Boys Club. If you’re looking for a more positive path to success in life and fitness, you are welcome here. If you identify in any way with “woman” or feel outside the dominate patriarchial culture, you are welcome here.

I also introduce the first “Tea and a Book” segment!  I’m sharing the book that I want to hand out to every woman I know. Listen to why I love Burnout: The Secret To Unlocking The Stress Cycle so much and then order your copy. If you’ve already read it, email me at and let me know what you think.

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Body Respect and The Middle Ground Manifesto

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Are you familiar with the term Body Respect? What about Health At Every Size?

Both are great books by Dr. Linda Bacon that I highly suggest you check out.

While you wait for them to arrive from Amazon or before you go check them out from your local library, find out a little about what they mean and how they fit perfectly with my fitness philosophy, The Middle Ground Manifesto.

The Middle Ground Manifesto has three parts:

  • There is a middle ground.
  • There is enough to go around.
  • There is a time and a place for everything.

None of the parts have anything to do with the number on the scale but everything to do with making peace with your body.

Not your average personal trainer

Maybe you know me from my personal training company, Thrive Personal Fitness, and the blog of the same name.

Maybe you’ve never heard of me before, despite my ten years of experience as a personal trainer and health coach.

I refer to myself as “not your average personal trainer” because of the mixed bag of identities and experiences that have shaped my personal journey and my fitness philosophy. It’s a journey of growing up with without privilege (poor, Latina and fat), gaining privilege (getting a college education, becoming firmly middle class and living in a thin body) and losing privilege (turning 40 and going on a gender journey).
I may have lost my voice for a while but baby I’m back and ready to speak my truth!

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