Thrive Together

When we work together, we win together.

My name is Pamela Hernandez. I’m a personal trainer and health coach who has decided to create the business support group that I’ve been searching for in Southwest Missouri.

I’ve spent almost a decade helping women find solutions to their personal health and fitness challenges.

Now I want to take this same logical approach and apply it to helping women achieve their professional goals.

My vision is simple: a one-stop shop were women in wellness can connect with each other, learn new skills and have a trusted advisor to talk through new ideas and rough patches.

At seminars and socials, I’ve talked to many women who want the same thing. We all want it but can’t seem to find it in the groups that currently exist.

That’s why I decided to make it happen with the Thrive Together business support group. As your new business therapist and support group facilitator, I am creating a space where we can build relationships AND get things done.

This means no wine. No forced introductions. No required number of referrals.

If you’re curious, contact me for an invitation to our gathering with a goal. You’ll find my email and phone number up at the top of the page. I can’t wait to meet you.

Until then…live, love, thrive.